Take Your Daughter to Work

Today (April 27) is Take Your Daughter (or Son) to Work Day! This nationally recognized event is designed to inspire and teach our kids about the value of the work we do every day. Across the country employers in every industry will be welcoming kids to the workplace. Whether you work in an office, at […]

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Hello Stars

Squeee! Are you ready for some exciting news? FaithGirlz is thrilled to announce an all-new fiction series for tween girls—Lena in the Spotlight! This fantastic story of faith, family and fame is written by Alena Pitts, tween blogger and star of the movie War Room, and her mom, author and blogger, Wynter Pitts. If you’re […]

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What’s Sweeter than Jelly Beans?

Don’t you love a good Easter basket? It’s not the pinnacle of a holy celebration of course, but those colorful baskets filled with goodies sure can be part of the family fun. Chocolate, jelly beans, Peeps, oh my! As parents we love to watch our kiddos discover their special stash of treats. We treasure their […]

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“He Is Risen” Easter Banner

For some people, Easter is all about the bunny and the eggs. And who doesn’t love a good handful of jelly beans? But for the Christian family, some simple touches can proclaim the true story of Easter to all who enter your home. Try this lovely (and surprisingly simple) DIY banner, perfect for a mantle, […]

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Welcome Spring with Scripture

This time of year, we all start longing for a warm breeze and a burst of sunshine. If your mood changes with the weather, it’s important to remember that God never changes. Even after a long winter—either in the climate or in your heart—we can rest assured our Heavenly Father always brings back the spring.

Here are some […]

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Instilling Creativity in Our Children

Creativity. It’s inherent in our nature. We were made in God’s image—God the Creator who fashioned the heavens and the earth and everything in them. He paints a new sunset every evening and a new sunrise every morning. He is the ultimate artist.


It’s no wonder, then, that so many children love to create. Crafts and […]

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Why Sacrifice?

When I was a kid, I dreaded Lent. I knew my mom was going to expect me to give up something delicious like chocolate or popcorn or complaining about my sister. Six whole weeks of deprivation! Seriously? What torture! Back then I counted the days, the hours ‘til Easter—not because I was eager to celebrate […]

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Stand Up To Bullying

Remember that scene in A Christmas Story where the evil bully Scott Fargus emerges from behind a rickety fence, filling the air with his sinister laugh? He pins another boy’s arms behind his back until the poor victim cries “uncle” and runs home in shame.

Today’s bullies aren’t quite so easy to spot. They come in […]

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Mom-Daughter Dates

In honor of Valentine’s Day we decided to compile a list of five of our favorite Mom-Daughter dates. What are some of your favorite Mom-Daughter dates? As long as you and your daughter are being intentional to create moments that allow you two to grow closer together, then there isn’t a wrong answer. Have fun!

Ice […]

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Resolutions as a Family

The beginning of another year can only mean one thing…it’s time for a new batch New Year’s resolutions (or in some cases it’s time to start the resolutions that died off last January. With this being posted on January 12, maybe it’s already time to restart this year’s resolutions). Whenever I think about resolutions for […]

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