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4 Ways to Encourage Your Daughter to Read God’s Word

If your daughter is between the ages of 9 and 12, she’s the perfect age to build the lifelong habit of reading God’s Word daily.

And if your daughter is between 9 and 12, she’s being bombarded by the world’s message that the things she can see, touch, taste, and buy are all that really matter.

Take a […]

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Making New Year’s Resolutions… And Keeping Them! (Part 1)

Happy New Year!

2016 is full of potential. Full of opportunities to grow, to love, and to glorify God!

What are your goals this year? Your resolutions? What do you long to see come to fruition, what do you long to change in your life?

Maybe you’re afraid of resolutions, knowing how many times you’ve failed in the […]

Gifts for the Soul

Our tween daughters are bound to ask for the practical stuff, the fun stuff, and the frivolous stuff this Christmas.

Nothing wrong with that.

But the thing they may need most might not make it onto their list.

Gifts for the soul.

Gifts that challenge their minds, build their faith, and stretch them past our materialistic culture.

Our girls need to […]

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The Guaranteed Cure for a Discontented Heart

It’s so easy to spot in our kids… entitlement, discontent, the constant longing for more.

One purchase at the store elicits, “Oh man, I wish I could have bought both things!”

One hour of tv is a surefire recipe for “What? That’s all?”

But dissatisfaction is no respecter of age. And we moms are just as susceptible to all […]

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Presenting the NKJV Faithgirlz Bible

Faithgirlz is delighted to present the New King James Bible for tween girls… Perfect for anyone looking for a more traditional, yet modern translation!

Your tween will love the extras this Bible provides as well:

At the beginning of each Bible book is a Book Introduction, enabling your girls to understand the big picture, thanks to explanations of “who”, “when”, “where”, and […]

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