The Beauty of Believing


God's word is active and alive! It's where we learn more about who he is and his truths. We learn to love God more - and live our lives in a way that's pleasing to him! You'll also find the Bible the best place to turn to for guidance and comfort – you can always trust God!

Spend time alone with Him using a Faithgirlz devotion. Or get together with other girls who want to do the same thing – start a Faithgirlz Club! Trusting and obeying God and living out his truths involves action! Check out Live It Out! for some ideas to show LOVE with family, friends, and community.

  • Get together with some close friends, or create an invitation at your church or in your neighborhood, and share in the power of relationships with other Faithgirlz! 


    A Faithgirlz! Club is built around the Faithgirlz! promise and what it means to live as a girl growing up in the world today with God's teachings at the center of your life.


    Explore the following links to get started on your own club today!

  • Faithgirlz Club Official Membership Card

    Download printable Faithgirlz Club Membership Cards to give to club members.


  • Faithgirlz Club Sample Meeting Agenda

    Everything goes better with a little planning!

    Use this sample meeting agenda to get things started smoothly.

  • Faithgirlz Promise

    The Faithgirlz! promise is just one way to make a commitment to yourself, friends, and God that you want to live a life of faith. Print this poster and hang it in your room, display it in your locker, or attach it to your skateboard…put it any place you want your faith to shine!

    Download Faithgirlz Promise.

  • Faithgirlz! Club Invitation Ideas

    Ask a special adult to help you get a group together and to organize meetings. We all need a little help every now and then!

    Download Faithgirlz Club Invitations.


  • Faithgirlz Profile Printable Form

    This simple profile will help you get to know the girls in your club a little better,
    especially if you’ve reached out and invited a new friend into your club. Have each member fill it out at your very first meeting. We suggest creating a binder to hold all your club info. That way as new faces join in the Faithgirlz! fun, you have an easy way to keep track of them!

    Download Membership Profile.