A Prayer for the New Year

Heavenly Father,

We lay ourselves before you as this year draws to a close.

As we look back, we acknowledge our sins, our failures, our regrets. And as we grieve over what is lost, we are also in awe that you forgive, that you restore, that you offer endless grace.

Thank you for the gift of your Son, Jesus, whose sacrifice covers all sin. Thank you for your Holy Spirit that indwells us, empowers us, and never leaves or forsakes us.

As we look back we also recognize the countless blessings you’ve poured out on us. We praise you for your goodness! Thank you for meeting our spiritual and physical needs. Thank you for being our Comforter.

Father, as we look to the year ahead of us we open our hands and yield ourselves, our families, our dreams, and our fears to you. Use us, Lord. Use our families for your glory.

May we draw near to you this year. Help us trust you. May the daily work of our hands honor you. May our thoughts and attitudes please you. Help us love our husbands, our children, our neighbors, and even our enemies with the love of Christ. Let us now grow weary in doing good.

In Jesus’ name,