Tips for Planning a Peaceful Family Vacation

Ahhhh, summer! Time for sun and fun and — family vacations! If you look forward to a summer trip all year long, then do what you can to ensure its success before you even hop in the car. Here are some key tips for planning a peaceful summer family vacation.

Get the kids involved. Ask them […]

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Simple Ideas to Celebrate Mother’s Day

Lots of tween girls love to plan parties. Why not nudge your daughter with a few simple ideas for celebrating you this Mother’s Day? She’ll enjoy the planning, and you’ll all enjoy the rewards.

Donut cake pops—Buy a box of donut holes, a can of frosting, cake pop sticks and sprinkles. The kids can cover the […]

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Helping Your Daughter Understand Bullying

Bullying is a hot topic in today’s world. Stats indicate as many as 1 in 3 kids say they have been bullied. Sadly, the majority of bullying happens in middle school.* Here are some important talking points to discuss with your tween daughter about bullying.


Bullying is considered any behavior that is harmful to another […]

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Ten Scriptures to Study This Spring

Spring is here! As the trees blossom and flowers bloom, why not take advantage of the opportunity to study related Scriptures that can encourage you and your daughter in your faith. From planting seeds to the idea of fresh beginnings, the Bible has much to say about the “spring” seasons in our lives. Here are […]

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Encouraging Your Daughter to Speak Her Faith

As Christian parents, we know we have an obligation to teach our kids about Jesus. But our goal shouldn’t stop there. We ought to also teach our children to share Jesus with other people—which is a great privilege and calling from God Himself.

“Give praise to the Lord, proclaim his name; make known among the nations […]

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Resurrection Rolls

Easter is a fun time of year for baking enthusiasts. Recipes abound for spring-colored cakes, cupcakes, loaves of bread and tasty pies. Tweens especially love to spend time in the kitchen creating goodies they can make themselves, with limited adult supervision.

Resurrection rolls are one tried-and-true recipe that your tween can easily manage and even share […]

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Family-Friendly Spring Break Ideas

Got your tickets to Mexico yet? While many families may be beach-bound this spring break, plenty of others are not. For those of us staying closer to home, here are some fun ideas for family activities to make the most of your time together.

Be a local tourist. Why travel miles away when hidden gems of […]

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How to Encourage Your Daughter in Her Quiet Time

Bible reading and prayer are two spiritual disciplines we should develop as a lifelong pursuit. As our daughters grow up and become more independent, so too should their relationship with God. Tweens reach an age where we no longer need to spoon-feed them Bible stories; they can read and study and discover God’s purposes for […]

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Spring Outdoor Activities

Spring is in the air! For many of us, spring brings the promise of warmer weather, green grass, and fresh freedom from four-wall activities. If you’ve been cooped up all winter and itching to enjoy the sun once again, here are some ideas for outdoor fun—tween girl style!

Color Hunt—Paint the inside of an empty egg […]

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Introducing The Princess in Camo Series!

Duck Dynasty fans rejoice! Faithgirlz has partnered with Missy and Mia Robertson to bring you a new series for adventurous girls called The Princess in Camo. This series explores the nature of a family filled with social, cultural, and physical diversity. In a world splashed with class and camouflage, the cousins are constantly looking for […]

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