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Top 10 Summer Activities for Your Tweens

Summer-Activites-for-TweensSummer is here!

This break is something your girls have been looking forward to for months. You, on the other hand, may not look forward to summer with as much excitement. The time off requires a LOT of additional prepping and planning for parents.

There are many great resources around the web outlining fun summer activities for your girls. We’ve compiled our top 10 below!

10. Get a Job
Instill values of independence, discipline, and responsibility by encouraging your tween to work this summer. Now is a great time to help out around the house, babysit, look after a neighbor’s pets, walk dogs, wash cars, open a lemonade stand, sell handmade crafts – or anything else your enterprising young girls can think of!

9. Update A Room
As our girls transition from one grade to the next, we have to accept that they are growing up! Does their room reflect their maturing taste? If not – head over to Pinterest and look for new room inspirations for your girls. Need a starting place? Check out our Redo Your Room board. If you want even more inspiration – check out our Redo Your Room book!

8. Plan Outdoor Movie Nights
Get together with neighbors and work to set up a projector, speakers and family-friendly movie. Really amp up the space with comfy seating, string lights and popcorn! Click for more creative ways to dress up the space!

outdoor movie

7. Volunteer
What causes are important to your family? Reach out to organizations in your area to inquire about opportunities for your girls to serve. Animal shelters and food banks often have tasks for younger volunteers. Through their service, your girls will learn valuable lessons of sacrifice, humility and caring for others.

6. Host a Board Game Tourny
Help your faithgirlz plan a fun-filled day at home. (This is a great option if there are a lot of rainy days in the forecast.) If you don’t have a huge collection of board games, ask friends to bring over one or two of their favorites. Be sure everyone knows the rules for each game and then roll the dice or pick a card to see who gets to select the first game.  For bonus points: If your girls are especially creative – encourage them to create their own game!

Game Pieces

5. Be a Tourist in Your Own Town
What is one thing you’ve always wanted to see in your area? Plan a quick day trip or outing to visit a unique landmark, attraction or eatery. Take this idea to the next level by dressing up as tacky tourists! Fanny packs required.

4. Pick a Book to Read Together – and take time to talk about it!
We are BIG advocates of summer reading… and so is our spokesperson Natalie Grant! Together, we’ve developed a great list of Faithgirlz! titles to recommend for your tween. We encourage you to pick one or two to read with your girls. These books are great conversation starters and can lead to some incredible chats about faith. Read up on Natalie’s summer reading suggestions here!


3. Create and Bury a Time Capsule
Identify special mementos that will help your faithgirl remember 2015. Include items to represent her best friend, secret crush (if she has one!) and her favorite Bible verse, class, band, song, sport to play, sport to watch, book, movie, actor and actress! Did you take a trip this year? Include a souvenir or ticket to remember a special family vacation or outing. Have fun with it – and only peek if she says it is okay!

2. Set Up Camp
Love the outdoors? Take an afternoon to create a campsite in your backyard. Grab some sleeping bags and enjoy a night out under the stars! Don’t have a tent? No worries! Get creative with blankets and sheets to make a colorful retreat. The benefits of camping at home? You have quick access to certain amenities (like a bathroom & kitchen) if you aren’t ready for the complete experience. Still seem like a stretch? If your girls aren’t the outdoorsy type – like mine – create a camp of sorts inside!


1. Get Moving
Get your girls off the couch! Summer is a great time to try new activities. Gather all the necessary safety gear and encourage your faithgirlz to meet their friends for a bike ride, test out their roller blades, take a swim, paddle board or canoe on a nearby lake… anything to stay active (and tear them away from spending all summer on the computer or binge watching TV shows on Netflix). Just be sure to set parameters on where they can go, when to be back and who they can go with, etc. Use these ideas to give your girls a memorable, safe and FUN summer!

St. Patrick’s Day Crafts + Recipes


Did you know?

At the age of just sixteen Patrick was captured by a group of Irish pirates.
The raiders brought Patrick to Ireland where he was enslaved and held captive for six years. Patrick writes in ‘The Confession’ that the time he spent in captivity was critical to his spiritual development. He explains that the Lord had mercy on him. While in captivity, Saint Patrick worked as a shepherd and strengthened his relationship with God through prayer eventually leading him to convert to Christianity.

A lot of mystery surrounds his life. To read more, check out this interesting Wiki read.

Now, there are a ton of themed crafts around this holiday and your faith girl is most-likely looking for something green to wear! Create something special with your faith girl, share some of St. Patrick’s story and start a great conversation!


Visit our Pinterest Board to explore several great themed crafts & recipes:

Faithgirlz Club – Leader Resources

Faithgirlz Club – Member Profile (Printable Form)

Faithgirlz_MemberProfileCardThis simple profile will help you get to know the girls in your club a little better.

Have each member fill it out at your very first meeting. We suggest creating a binder to hold all your club info. That way as new faces join in the Faithgirlz fun, you have an easy way to keep track of them.

Click for a downloadable form.


Faithgirlz Club – Meeting Overview

Faithgirlz_MeeetingOverviewThe content for Faithgirlz Club lessons is found in the Faithgirlz Handbook.
  • Each meeting will begin with a prayer (The leader may pray or ask a girl to pray if she’s comfortable)
  • Members will then recite the Faithgirlz verse and the Faithgirlz promise
  • An icebreaker activity or craft will follow with “Getting Closer”
  • The leader will then give an overview of that week’s Bible lesson and follow with a discussion

Thinking of starting a Club? Explore sample material below:

Faithgirlz Club – Faithgirlz Promise (Printable Form)

Faithgirlz_FaithgirlzClubPromiseEach meeting will focus around an aspect of the Faithgirlz Promise to help girls understand the things that make them beautiful both inside and out. The Promise encourages each girls to:

  • Focus on my inner beauty
  • Remember that God loves me always
  • Love myself the way God made me
  • Look at others’ gifts without jealousy
  • Treat other people the way I want to be treated
  • Love my neighbor
  • Forgive others when they sin against me
  • Love my enemies
  • See God’s will in all that I do
  • Focus on the inner beauty of others

Each week, recite the Faithgirlz promise to remind us of the kind of young women God wants us to be.

Click for a downloadable form.


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