Bible reading and prayer are two spiritual disciplines we should develop as a lifelong pursuit. As our daughters grow up and become more independent, so too should their relationship with God. Tweens reach an age where we no longer need to spoon-feed them Bible stories; they can read and study and discover God’s purposes for their lives on their own—with our ever-ready guidance.

Here are a few tips for encouraging your daughter in her quiet time.

  1. Help her find the quiet. In busy households with siblings and schedules to attend, it can be difficult for kids to find time and space of their own. Help your daughter carve out a place in your home where quiet time is possible, such as her room, a homework desk, or a reading nook. Choose a time of day when the rest of the house knows—this is Sally’s quiet time, and no one is to bother her.

    Better yet, reserve a specific hour of the day as quiet time for everyone. Designate spaces in the house where older children and parents can be alone with their Bibles while younger siblings may play with toys or watch a Veggie Tales video. By working together, parents can encourage and model productive quiet time for the kids.

  2. Give her a great resource. Choose a devotional that’s written specifically for tween girls, filled with the kind of study content that appeals to her interests and is relevant to her daily life. At Faithgirlz, we have a wonderful library of devotionals, Bibles and Bible study resources designed with your daughter in mind, written by authors and Bible experts who understand Scripture as well as a tween girl’s heart.
  3. Talk about it. Ask questions about what your daughter is reading. Invite her to ask you questions as well. Be available when she’s ready to talk, and offer encouragement from your own godly wisdom. When we make Bible study and prayer a regular part of our lives not just individually but also as a family, our children will grow up understanding God is a constant companion, not just a Sunday topic. And that is one of the greatest lessons we can pass down to our kids.

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