As Christian parents, we know we have an obligation to teach our kids about Jesus. But our goal shouldn’t stop there. We ought to also teach our children to share Jesus with other people—which is a great privilege and calling from God Himself.

“Give praise to the Lord, proclaim his name; make known among the nations what He has done” (Psalm 105:1).

Here are three key ways to encourage your daughter to speak up about her faith.


  1. Model it. The best way to teach our kids to share their faith is by example. Are we actively witnessing to the people in our own lives—family members, neighbors, co-workers, friends? Do we pray for people who are far from God? Do our actions demonstrate faith and obedience to Christ, and are we willing to openly stand on Christian values? Are we speaking truth in love to those around us? All of these questions should help determine how well we are modeling evangelism to our kids. Remember, they might listen to what we say. But they’re learning from what we do.
  2. Role play. Act out scenarios in which your daughter might have opportunities to share her faith. For example, pretend to be a troubled classmate and ask your daughter to encourage you. Tell her she’s at a party where all the kids are drinking. How will she respond? Or say she meets a new student at school and wants to invite her to youth group. What words will she use? Role playing can help your daughter practice reaching out and speaking up for her convictions. The more she practices in the safety of your home, the better prepared she’ll be when she’s faced with real-life opportunities to shine a light for Christ.
  3. Remind her of her worth. Living out our faith may sometimes mean standing alone. Other kids may disagree, laugh, or even pressure your daughter to doubt her beliefs or risk being left out. It’s important to consistently and lovingly remind her of her worth in Christ. He decides who she is and how very much she is loved and accepted; her value is not determined by her peers. Make sure she knows that, believes it, and then encourage her to make her decisions accordingly. She is a daughter of the King, after all. With God on her side, she is unstoppable!

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