Valentine’s Day is all about love—and God says we should love our neighbor. So why not focus this year’s celebration on blessing the people around you? Here are some ideas to get your tween excited about spreading the love.

Make cards for friends— like these fun and quirky printable Valentines for tweens. Think beyond classmates and pass them out to neighbor pals, youth group, sports club friends and more.

Decorate bedroom doors— with wrapping paper, foam hearts, vinyl lettering and ribbons. Surprise siblings by decorating their bedroom doors while they’re away at a playdate or after-school activity. Encourage your tween to write a list of things she loves about each person on his or her door.

Bake and take— cookies or bars to neighbors or elderly friends. Try these cherry kiss cookies, chocolate shortbread hearts, or easy valentine brownies. Package them in heart-printed cellophane bags with red raffia for a festive touch.

Plan a party— for neighborhood kids or school friends who don’t know Jesus. Serve treats, play games, and share this Valentine gospel with all who attend.

Pass out flowers— at nursing homes, grocery stores, the mall, the library… wherever people need love (which is everywhere)! If flowers are too cumbersome, then opt for bags of candy, coffee shop gift cards, or hand warmers if you live in a chilly climate. Be sure to attach a note of encouragement to each gift, like these!

Finally, be sure to treat your tween to a special card or gift on Valentine’s Day to remind her how much she is loved. From all of us at Faithgirlz, happy LOVE Day!