One-on-one time with our kids is always precious, but as girls grow toward teen-hood, it’s especially important to carve out time together, just the two of you. Mom-daughter dates can help keep communication lines open, give you a chance to address any concerns or fears your daughter may have, and strengthen your bond as friends. Here are five super fun ideas for your next mom-daughter date.

Coffee shop hop—Can’t decide where to go for joe? Start at one shop for coffee/cocoa, then head to another for breakfast sandwiches, and another for cake pops. You can easily spend an entire morning visiting all your favorite coffee stops!

Thrifting—Shopping with tweens doesn’t have to be expensive. Rather than hitting the mall (again), set a $10 budget and challenge one another to find the coolest outfit possible without going a penny over. At the very least, you’ll have a blast trying on options in the fitting room!

Paint class—Find a local art studio that offers guided painting sessions, and sign up for two. Not only will you and your daughter get a chance to express your artistic flair; you’ll also have a lasting memory of your time together when you display your masterpieces side-by-side on the mantel at home.

Babysitting two-for-one—Volunteer to accompany your daughter on her next babysitting gig. Use it as an opportunity to encourage her interest in children as well as to help her manage the bedtime ritual. Don’t we all wish we had an assistant for that?

Book club—Do you both love to read? Start a mom-daughter book club with a couple of your daughter’s friends and their moms. Choose a tween-friendly book for everyone to finish beforehand then discuss together on date night while munching on snacks. Try a Faithgirlz fiction title for your first meeting!

For more ways to encourage your daughter and her friends, check out our True You guide to starting a Faithgirl club in your own neighborhood!