Looking for a simple yet meaningful craft project for your tween this season? Try burlap placemats—perfect for decorating the kitchen in a rustic autumn theme or hosting a table full of Thanksgiving dinner guests. And the best part is—these burlap placemats are fun and easy to make!

Burlap by the yard (any color)
Acrylic paint
Small paintbrush

• Cut the burlap into rectangles, 12×18 inches. For a clean edge, pull a thread out of the weave, which creates a gap. Follow your scissors along the gap for a straight cut.
• Beginning on one long edge, remove about four or five threads to create a fringe. Repeat on the other three edges of the rectangle.
• Place parchment or wax paper beneath the placemat before painting, to protect the surface underneath.
• In the bottom right corner (or along the bottom edge), arrange stencils. Fill them in with acrylic paint using the small paintbrush. You can choose letter stencils to create words, or use stencil shapes such as pumpkins, leaves, etc. Be creative!
• Allow the paint to dry—then enjoy your new burlap placemats!

Photo courtesy of http://threesisterz.blogspot.com/2011/12/easy-no-sew-burlap-placemats.html.