Winter time is family time! The weather outside might be frightful, but there are lots of ways to enjoy quality time during the chilly winter months. Here’s a short list of winter activities that can warm your heart and keep your tweens entertained ‘til spring!

Game night—Winter evenings are the perfect time for gathering around the sofa table and playing board games. Try setting aside one night a week for games and popcorn. Even a simple round of charades can give the family a good laugh and build precious memories.

DIY home décor—Choose a project to tackle together, such as building a reading nook, painting a wall mural, or refinishing a set of chairs for your daughter’s room. Combining crafts, family time, and upcyling equals a big win for you and your kids.

Living room campout—Plan a Friday night movie and snack fest in the living room, and spend the night camped out in sleeping bags! The whole family can tell stories and giggle after lights-out.

Cooking lessons—Invite your tween to make dinner for the family one night a week. Search for recipes together and help her prepare the meal, teaching proper techniques and giving her room to experiment. Winter is a great time to start simple with comfort food in the crock pot or one-dish casseroles.

Snow sports—Who says outdoor fun is only for summer? Winter is the perfect time to get some fresh air and exercise by sledding, ice skating, snow shoeing or skiing. Even just 20 minutes outdoors can boost your mood and draw the family closer. The best part is coming back inside and enjoying a steaming round of hot cocoa!

Bring summer back—If possible, splurge on a family overnight to a local hotel with a pool. There’s nothing like a taste of summer in the middle of winter to brighten everybody’s spirits and help you all appreciate the season you’re in.