With the kids busy in school Monday through Friday, weekends become extra precious time for the family. Whether you prefer to rest and recuperate or go-go-go, here are some fun ideas for making the most of your weekends together.

Family night tradition — Busy schedules can quickly pull a family in different directions. Choose one evening of the weekend that’s reserved for family time—and stick to it. Whether you plan Friday night pizza night, Saturday night board games, or Sunday evening dinner at Grandma’s, consistent weekly traditions help build bonds and memories, especially if the rest of the week is crazy for all.

Movie marathon — On rainy or chilly weekend days, invite the whole family to flop on the couch with bowls of popcorn and watch a movie (or two or three). Sometimes rest is more productive for the soul than running. And movies give everybody a chance to spend precious time snuggled together, enjoying each other’s company.

Serve together — The Bible calls us to “serve one another humbly in love” (Galatians 5:13). Weekends bring an excellent opportunity to model Christian service for our children by inviting them to get involved in a family service project. Ask your church where they have needs and offer to fill them. Could you rake leaves in the pastor’s yard? Plant fall bulbs in the church flower beds? Or find a local agency in need of volunteers, such as a soup kitchen or Christian thrift store. Sign up to spend an afternoon serving others as a family.

Enjoy God’s creation — Take a nature hike or a Sunday drive along the lakeshore to examine God’s creation and encourage the whole family to refresh their awe for our Creator. Often our weekdays are spent at desks or inside cramped spaces. Take advantage of the weekend’s freedom to explore the world around you and to remember God is bigger than the tasks at hand.

Stick together — For many families, weekends are not free time. Sports tournaments, dance recitals, big homework projects and more can pull the family away from leisure recreation together and command every minute of your attention. As much as possible, engage in these commitments as a family. Take all the kids to their sibling’s football game. Help your tween with her complex book report. Stay together and cheer each other on as you navigate a busy calendar.

However you spend your weekends, remember investing in time together will make your family stronger and your influence greater. So enjoy the fleeting weekend hours as a family—and see what God can do!