Ah, daughters. You’ve raised them from babies to elementary school. Your closets have stocked everything from pink onesies to purple Converse. You’ve endured hours and hours of Dora the Explorer, Madame Blueberry, and every Disney princess known to man. You’ve read Bible stories, sung lullabies, shared secrets and kisses and hugs.


And today your beautiful baby girls have grown into lanky gum-chewing tweens. Their heads sprout rainbow-colored ear buds and their vocabulary expands daily with words like “judicial” and “fantabulous.” They learn as much from their peers as they do from their teachers, and you teeter daily between holding them close and letting them go.


You’re a great mom. You’ve survived the diaper stage, the tantrum phase, potty training and skinned knees. You’ve released your daughters to kindergarten, soccer fields, sleepovers and summer camp.


Your babies are halfway to college now. Every day, they are growing more and more into the women God created them to be. And He has asked you to help make that happen. Isn’t it an awesome job?


This week, FaithGirlz celebrates you, the moms, the women who pour your hearts and souls and sanity into raising the next generation of faith-filled girls, Jesus-crazy young ladies who are already using their God-given gifts to make a difference for the kingdom. Thank you for nurturing them. Thank you for encouraging them. Thank you for loving them. Thank you for being you.


Moms matter.


And we applaud you—today and every day.


Happy Mother’s Day!