Some kids are naturally voracious readers; some are not. If your tween falls in the latter category, here are some ways you can encourage her interest in reading.

Let her choose her own books— School will often dictate what and when your child does the bulk of a day’s reading. Allow her to choose her own books for personal reading time. Parents can of course monitor and veto certain types of content, yet there exists a wealth of friendly books out there for Christian tweens today. Your daughter is far more likely to enjoy reading if the subject matter is aligned with her interests and preferences. Check out our recommended reading list for tween girls!

Read alongside her— Read what your daughter reads, when she reads it. This can spark meaningful conversations and even inspire a bit of friendly competition. “Mom, did you get to chapter four yet??” Who wouldn’t like to hear those words coming from a child who’s otherwise disinterested in books?

Form a book club— Make reading a social affair by inviting a few friends to join your daughter in a book club. The girls can read a chosen book in advance then meet to discuss a list of book club questions and enjoy a fun treat. Reading becomes another word for party time!

Take her to the movies— Once a month, choose an entertaining tween-friendly movie that’s based on a book. Challenge your daughter to read the book first, then reward her with a movie night—and let her pick the snack.

Don’t forget magazines— Some kids just aren’t going to be novel connoisseurs, and that’s okay. In today’s culture of video media overload, any kind of reading can be helpful for your child’s developing brain and attention span. Magazines can be a fine alternative to books. With shorter stories and engaging pictures, many tweens can benefit from edifying publications such as Brio by Focus on the Family and Shine Brightly by GEMS Girls’ Clubs.

For a list of edifying and entertaining books for tweens, see our list of Faithgirlz fiction titles!