A new year is a chance for a fresh start. Why not set a goal this year to help your tween discover the joy of studying her Bible? Here are some simple ways to go about it.

Create a space— like a “war room” of sorts, for your tween. Maybe it’s a small reading nook or a cozy new chair, or even just a designated area in the family room where your daughter can retreat when it’s time to dig into her Bible. Consider adding a fun string of lights or wall décor to inspire her.

Set aside a quiet time for your tween that’s uninterrupted by other activities like homework or sports. Even if it’s just 10 minutes a day before school or bedtime, protecting and expecting her private time with God—during which no one can butt in, including siblings—may make regular Bible reading more easily attainable.

Give her the tools— such as a beautiful Faithgirlz Bible designed with her needs and interests in mind, or one of our many Bible studies and devotional books. Plus no Bible study collection is complete without a sweet Bible bag for keeping it all organized!

Ask and answer questions about what she’s reading. Maintain open conversations about her devotions or the book of the Bible she’s studying so you can help her understand how God’s Word applies to her life.

Reward her for studying her Bible on a regular basis. Take her on a coffee shop date when she finishes a book of the Bible, or surprise her with concert tickets to hear her favorite Christian radio artist as a reward for completing a lengthy devotional. Whatever you choose, make sure to affirm her interest in God’s Word and let her know you’re proud of her for making Him a priority.

Finally, walk the talk. There is no better way to inspire our kids to love the Bible than by reading it ourselves. Let your tween see you digging into Scripture—or better yet, share the same reading schedule so you can compare notes and encourage one another!

As Christian parents it is our responsibility and great privilege to introduce our children to the Bible. Enjoy working toward the worthy goal of inspiring your tween to study God’s Word. The payoff is of eternal proportions!