holding your daughter with open hands

You don’t need me to tell you we live in a dangerous world.

As you see the faithgirl in your home growing up, you’re wondering if she’ll be safe… wondering what kind of future she’ll have.

And if you’re anything like most moms, you’ll tighten your grip as you imagine the worst.

We moms are made to nurture and protect. We’ve cradled our babies since birth, our arms standing between them and sharp corners, gusts of cold wind, or anyone who might not treat them right.

The more we see of this world’s pain, the less we want to release our daughter’s into it.

This is where our job gets tricky.

We’re called to care for these precious girls, protecting them from harm, enabling them to grow and flourish and become all that God designed them to be.

But the key is to allow them to become all that God designed them to be.

If you’re the mom of a tween, you’re not sending her off to college, watching her walk down the aisle, or move to another country right now. But you are fostering your daughter’s dreams. 

This is the season your daughter gets to try new things, be a little bit adventurous. She’s beginning to discover who she is, what she can and can’t do, what thrills her and invigorates her. She’s starting to dream. She’s starting to imagine what her grown-up life might look like.

It’s so much fun! And hopefully, you can join in with her.

But here’s the question…

Will you encourage her to dream God’s dreams for her life?

Or will you tell her to dream only of safety and security?

We want so desperately to keep our kids from suffering. But as our kids approach young adulthood, we have to remind ourselves that God wants to prove Himself to our children.

He loves them more than we do, but He wants them to learn how to fly. And flying doesn’t happen without taking risks.

God created your daughter for specific and beautiful purposes. He has a calling for her. It might not look safe to you, but if it’s God’s idea, then she couldn’t be in a better place.

God longs to show Himself mighty in her life. He longs to use and bless her as she follows Him!

How can you be a part of this work in her life?

First, pray with your daughter for God to help her understand her purpose and calling. 

This will both excite her and point her in the right direction. If you pray together about this, she’ll understand that her life belongs to God and that He’s the one with the very best plan.

Then, encourage her to talk about her dreams and develop her talents.

The gifts God has given your girl are beginning to emerge now. Develop them, while reminding her that they are there for the purpose of glorifying God. Don’t discourage her from daring ideas… you never know what God may want to do!

Lastly, hold your daughter with open hands.

Regularly release her into God’s control. Don’t forget that you were chosen to bring her into this world and guide her toward Jesus, but she truly belongs to her Creator. Love her dearly, do your job as a mom, but surrender her to God daily.

You have no idea what seeds you may be planting and watering today, Mom.

The world isn’t changed by those who play it safe. The gospel doesn’t spread into this dark world by people who are always careful. In stark contrast, those who are willing to give up comfort and security in this life, those who are willing to “lose their lives” for Christ’s sake, are the very ones who are guaranteed to find life (Matthew 10:39). Abundant life. Eternal life.

And isn’t that the kind of life you want for your child?

May God grants each of us the grace to hold our sweet children with open hands, so we can see the beautiful work He longs to perform in and through them!



by Jennifer Ebenhack