Are you tired of being cooped up in chilly winter weather? Here are some fun family activities designed to beat the winter blues—without going anywhere!

Tropical vacation— in the living room! If you can’t get away to the beach, bring the beach to your home instead. Spread out beach towels, play cabana music on iTunes, and serve a delicious dinner of jerk chicken and pineapple kababs. Give everybody a new pair of sunglasses just for the occasion.

S’mores— in the oven. Who says camping food is only for camping? Here’s a simple way to enjoy a summer treat in the dead of winter. Stuff waffle cones with marshmallows and chocolate chips, wrap in foil and heat in the oven until gooey.

Gambling— for candy. Play a few rounds of “Left, Center, Right”—a quick, fun and easy game for the whole family. All you need are two dice and a pile of candy. Everybody starts with three pieces of candy in their personal stash. Take turns rolling the dice; 1 and 2 are “Left” and 3 and 4 are “Right.” 5 means “Center” and 6 is “Safe.” When you roll a “Left” you must pass a piece of your candy to the player on the left. When you roll a “Right” you must pass a piece of candy to the player on the right. Roll a “Center” and you must place a piece of candy in the center pot. “Safe” means you keep the candy in your personal stash. If you have only one piece of candy remaining in your stash, you may roll only one die. If you run out of candy, you must forfeit your turn until you regain candy in your stash. The last person with candy remaining in his/her stash wins the whole pot!

Balloon takeoff— a partner game! Pair off family members and give each team an inflated balloon. They must throw their balloon in the air and keep it aloft by blowing on it. See who can work together best to huff and puff to victory. When your balloon touches the floor, you’re out!

If you can’t beat ‘em— join ‘em. Bundle up in snow pants and boots and venture outside for a snowball fight in the back yard. Sometimes the best way to beat the winter blues is by embracing all winter has to offer. Burn off some energy in the elements, then enjoy a round of hot cocoa when you return indoors.