Faithgirlz Club – Member Profile (Printable Form)

Faithgirlz_MemberProfileCardThis simple profile will help you get to know the girls in your club a little better.

Have each member fill it out at your very first meeting. We suggest creating a binder to hold all your club info. That way as new faces join in the Faithgirlz fun, you have an easy way to keep track of them.

Click for a downloadable form.


Faithgirlz Club – Meeting Overview

Faithgirlz_MeeetingOverviewThe content for Faithgirlz Club lessons is found in the Faithgirlz Handbook.
  • Each meeting will begin with a prayer (The leader may pray or ask a girl to pray if she’s comfortable)
  • Members will then recite the Faithgirlz verse and the Faithgirlz promise
  • An icebreaker activity or craft will follow with “Getting Closer”
  • The leader will then give an overview of that week’s Bible lesson and follow with a discussion

Thinking of starting a Club? Explore sample material below:

Faithgirlz Club – Faithgirlz Promise (Printable Form)

Faithgirlz_FaithgirlzClubPromiseEach meeting will focus around an aspect of the Faithgirlz Promise to help girls understand the things that make them beautiful both inside and out. The Promise encourages each girls to:

  • Focus on my inner beauty
  • Remember that God loves me always
  • Love myself the way God made me
  • Look at others’ gifts without jealousy
  • Treat other people the way I want to be treated
  • Love my neighbor
  • Forgive others when they sin against me
  • Love my enemies
  • See God’s will in all that I do
  • Focus on the inner beauty of others

Each week, recite the Faithgirlz promise to remind us of the kind of young women God wants us to be.

Click for a downloadable form.