In honor of Valentine’s Day we decided to compile a list of five of our favorite Mom-Daughter dates. What are some of your favorite Mom-Daughter dates? As long as you and your daughter are being intentional to create moments that allow you two to grow closer together, then there isn’t a wrong answer. Have fun!

Ice Cream

Taking some time to enjoy each other’s company while you enjoy some delicious ice cream is sure to be a memorable time.

Tea Time

Find a local hotel, tea house or restaurant who has a dedicated afternoon tea time. Get dressed up in very elegant attire and enjoy some afternoon tea and biscuits (or scones). Enjoy!

Cooking Class

Growing up I loved to bake with my mom. There is something about the preparation and expectation of the result that helped our relationship grow. Take that same idea out of your home kitchen and learn a few new recipes together in a class.

Spa Day

Mani. Pedi. Facial. Relaxing during a spa day is such a great way to slow down and connect with each other.


Serving together can leave such a lasting bond. Seek out an opportunity in an area of need that interests your daughter. A few ideas are serving at a food kitchen, doing yard work for an elderly neighbor, or shopping to restock a homeless shelter together.