Are you planning to travel with kids to visit loved ones for the holidays? To ensure a smooth and harmonious trip, consider packing a family travel kit. It’s the ready solution to anticipated hiccups on the road (or in the air). Here’s what we recommend storing inside your kit:

1. Airline tickets, maps, reservation receipts or other important documents. Keep these must-have papers immediately on hand by packing them in a safe pocket of your family travel kit.

2. Cash. Whether for highway tolls, vending machines, or quick pit stops at a drive-through, cash is a handy way to fund minor travel expenses within limits. As soon as the cash is gone, it’s gone. This helps prevent overspending!

3. Snacks. Pack a supply of granola bars, trail mix, gum or lollipops (especially if you’re flying or driving through mountains, to help with ear pressure), or whatever favorite foods your kids will eat on the run. This helps stave off requests to stop for fries or expensive airport concessions at the first pang of hunger.

4. Activity books, travel games or playing cards. Keep everybody occupied with age-appropriate puzzles or brain teasers such as Mad Libs, Bible trivia, sudoku, or road sign bingo.

5. Earbuds or headphones. Give everyone a chance to chill out with their favorite music, podcast or audiobook. Or, if you’re driving, play Adventures in Odyssey on the stereo for the whole family to enjoy.

6. Over-the-counter medicines. Nothing ruins a trip faster than a headache or stuffy nose. Bring a supply of gentle pain medicines or cold remedies, as well as tissues, bandages, and wet wipes—just in case.

7. A Bible and/or family devotional. Spend long waits at the airport exploring one of our Faithgirlz devotionals or tween-friendly Bibles.

8. Finally, bring a joyful attitude! You can’t fit this one in a travel bag, but remember—God goes before you on your travels, and He will equip you to face any frustrations or interruptions along the way. Pray for a patient heart so you can lead your family well and enjoy time with loved ones when you get to where you’re going.

Happy trails!