Devotionals provide time to reflect on your life, to question, and to think about the God’s Word and the very real connection it has to you and the roller coaster ride that is daily living. Faithgirlz! devotionals are packed full of thought-provoking questions and loaded with inspiration and guidance – just the right thing at just the right time. Packed full of totally thought-provoking questions (more meaningful than any of those in the “teen” magazines) and loaded with inspiration and guidance, the Faithgirlz! devotionals provide just the right thing at just the right time. Read a devotional book straight through or choose from topics like A Direct Line to God or Dealing with Disappointment. At two pages long each, you can easily squeeze one in between dinner and practice, or as a way to chill out before bed. The time you take for yourself and for God is sure to last a lifetime.

  • From popular blogger and bestselling author Melanie Shankle comes Fearless Faith: 100 Devotions for Girls, an interactive book that encourages girls 8 and up to answer questions, participate in fun activities, and be brave in their walk with God.
  • Looking for a place to dream, doodle, and record your innermost questions and secrets? You will find what you seek within the pages of the , which has plenty of space for you to discover who you are, explore who God is shaping you to be, or write down whatever inspires you. Each journal page has awesome quotes and powerful Bible verses to encourage you on your walk with God!
  • What girl doesn’t like a nice cozy chat with a friend—especially a friend who understands everything about her? You’ll learn how to build that heart-to-heart connection with the One who loves you best. Each devotion brings the Bible right into your world and offers lots to learn and think about—from the values that will be good for a lifetime to the things you can do to survive every day.
  • God wants every girl to know she’s awesome in his sight. He cares about everything—from bullies to boys, friends to future goals, and disappointment to discoveries. As far as he is concerned, girls rock! In this ninety-day devotional, girls will discover answers to the questions that boggle them most. And, they will discover that God’s loving presence is rock solid.
  • This ninety-day devotional highlights Scripture and helps you understand God’s Word. And there’s more: “More to Explore” and “Did You Know” sections point to other related passages. “Girl Talk” poses simple questions to think about on your own or talk about with friends. “God Talk” helps you get started offering your thanks and worries to God. Scattered throughout are health and beauty tips and fun factoids.
  • In this 90-day devotional from Kristi Holl, you’ll learn what to do in confusing situations, and also about the kind of person God wants you to be: pretty both inside and out.
  • This short, 90-day Faithgirlz!™ devotional for girls ages 10 and up, is written in an upbeat, lively, funny, and tween-friendly way, incorporating the graphic, fast-moving feel of a teen magazine.
  • This one-year devotional is filled with stories about girls who are just like you, and who are going through things like embarrassing moments in front of friends, putting up with mean girls at school, having a huge crush on that cute boy, or just dealing with what it’s like to become a young woman. As you read their stories you’ll learn new ways to deal with the pressures around you.


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