God Says: The Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. – Deuteronomy 31:6

Olivia’s house finally sold last week, and we’ve had to say good-bye. I didn’t think it would hurt as much as it did. I helped her pack up her room, putting all her favorite books into boxes and packing all her clothes into suitcases. It
took us a long time to pack because we kept uncovering old memories. Her scrapbooks and photo albums are full of pictures of the two of us giggling at the lake or the park. Her CD collection has albums from artists that we saw in concert together. Her closet was full of outfi ts that we’d shared — I left with a pile of sweatshirts and t-shirts that she’d borrowed. Everything had a memory attached to it, and it was so hard to see those memories stuffed into boxes. At one point I just grabbed a stuffed animal and sobbed.

Mom, Dad, and Melody came over to see them off. Mom gave them a basket full of snacks for the road, and then we all stood in a circle and held hands while Dad prayed for their safety during the trip and blessings in their new home. Then they got in the car and drove away, the moving van following behind. We all stood and waved until we couldn’t see them anymore.

Mom keeps telling me that it will be easy to stay in touch online and on the phone, and maybe Olivia will be able to come back for a visit at Christmas or next summer. But it won’t be the same at all. No more Olivia to giggle with, or sing funny songs with, or just be best friends with. Lord, what will I do without her?

All of us will experience some sort of loss in our lives, and it never gets any easier. It’s hard to imagine how life will go on after such a huge change, but in those dark times remember that the Lord is near, and he will never leave you.

Dear Lord, keep me close when I go through dark days. I praise you that you are unchanging, and that I can always run to you when I’m lonely. Amen.