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Amber’s Song

When the Daniels sisters head out for their annual week’s stay at Camp Caracara they anticipate making many more good memories at one of their favorite places in the world. But from the very start, Amber realizes that this year’s time at camp is going to be very different for her.



From the Faithgirlz series and the family that brought you the Lena in the Spotlight series and the popular For Girls Like You brand comes Amber’s Song, the story of three young sisters working to rebuild their lives and find their place in the world after their mother’s death.

In the third book in the Daniels Sister series, Amber and her sisters Ashton and Ansley head to Christian summer camp at Camp Caracara. It’s been an annual tradition for years! With high hopes, the twins meet their cabinmates Gio, an old friend from back home in Texas, and Milli, a new friend with some challenges to overcome. Amber will have to work hard to practice kindness and patience as she handles teasing from her own sisters about bringing along her favorite furry coat from Mom, which she thinks she’ll be able to use as a costume in a skit or two, since she plans on participating in as many as possible this year—she just loves singing and performing for a crowd. And she’ll also need the same patience and kindness as she navigates new camping experiences this year as well.

Amber’s Song:

  • Is an engaging read for girls ages 8-12, and is part of the Accelerated Reader (AR) program
  • Teaches tweens about overcoming obstacles, developing patience, and the importance of kindness
  • Is a great addition to your tween’s library and makes the perfect birthday gift


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