Lena’s overnight fame as an actress, after being cast in a lead role in a film, continues to pull her into the spotlight, while teaching her what it means to shine for God. And now she’s faced with her biggest challenge yet. When Lena’s favorite music artist, Mallory Winston, sends her a gift box filled with photos and memories of their time on tour together, she finds out that new friends from the children’s hospital they visited need help, including a little girl she became very fond of. The hospital is closing and the little girl’s parents can’t afford the ongoing care she needs.

Now, Lena wants to find a way to help. Rallying the support of her school, friends, and family pulls together a huge concert to raise funds that features Mallory Winston. What she doesn’t realize is that coordinating such a big event is harder than it looks. Lena must face the challenge of taking on a responsibility that sometimes seems too big for her to handle, and convincing others she won’t give up. On this journey, Lena discovers that helping others comes at a cost, but what matters most in life cannot be bought. With the encouragement and mentoring she receives from her family and even Mallory, she is constantly reminded that God is her strength and his plan is bigger.

This series by Alena Pitts, actress from War Room and tween blogger of For Girls Like You, is a reflection of her own life experiences as she reaches for the stars and keeps her faith in balance. Each adventurous book contains eight fun full-page interior illustrations.