Who says you have to drive cross country in order to enjoy a summer family vacation? Here are five simple and affordable ideas for summer staycations close to home.

Camping. Borrow a tent or camper and reserve a camp site near home. Bring groceries, books, board games and lots of marshmallows for roasting. Conversations around a campfire can be the sweetest family time of the summer.

Local monuments. Do some research to discover local tourist sites within 50 miles of your home. Make a short list of such places you’d like to visit before summer is through. These day trips might range from an art museum to a botanical garden to the Pancake Capitol of the World. Have fun exploring!

Beach day. You don’t need to live near an ocean to enjoy the beach. Lots of local lakes and rivers boast sandy shores, swimming holes or diving cliffs. Pack a picnic lunch and enjoy a lazy day in the sun.

Bike tour. Choose a destination within 5 or 10 miles of home and travel there by bicycle! Be sure to wear protective shoes, sunscreen and sunglasses and carry plenty of water. Or choose stopping points along the way to enjoy a cool drink or snack.

Back yard bonanza. If you really prefer the “stay” part of “staycation,” then look no further than your own back yard. Choose a day to ignore all the household chores and responsibilities, and enjoy family time spent grilling burgers, playing kickball, and lighting sparklers after the sun goes down. Summer break is all about family fun and togetherness—no matter where you go.