Summer is the perfect time for tweens to discover the value of work and earning their own money. While they’re not yet old enough to get a traditional job, many tweens are ready to take on new responsibilities—and get paid for it.

Here are some ideas for helping your tween earn an income this summer.

Mom’s Helper— Women with newborns or work-from-home moms can benefit from an extra set of hands. If you have a trusted friend or neighbor who’s looking for a little help with her children or housework this summer, have your daughter offer to spend a few hours a week working alongside her.

Drop-in daycare— Arrange one day a week when mom friends are invited to drop off their young children at your house for childcare. Plan to help your daughter supervise games, meals, and nap time. Friends will be glad for the chance to run errands or enjoy an afternoon to themselves for a small hourly fee.

Dessert service— Does your daughter like to bake? Parties and picnics abound this time of year, and one thing they all have in common is dessert! Why not start a business making cookies, cupcakes, brownies or cake pops? Help your tween create a flyer of menu items for sale by the dozen, and invite neighbors and friends to order sweets for their next event.

Gardening— If you have trusted neighbors or family members who love to grow flowers or vegetables, your daughter could offer to help weed or pick produce during peak season. Maybe Grandma will even pay her to help with canning or making jam.

Chores— Finally, you can help your daughter earn money right at home. Create a list of chores you typically manage yourself, then offer to pay her to take over some of the housework or cooking. You just might wish this summer would never end.