School is out, but books are definitely still in! At Faithgirlz, we think summer is the perfect time to catch up on some fun and interesting reading. Not sure what to choose? We’ve got a list of great ideas to add to your summer reading stash. From adventure to mystery to classics and more, there’s something for every girl to enjoy. Happy Reading!




Lena in the Stars—Co-written by War Room star and tween blogger Alena Pitts, along with her author mom Wynter Pitts, this new Faithgirlz book series reflects Alena’s own experiences as she reaches for the stars while still making her faith the number one priority.




Glimmer Girls—This four-book series by Christian recording artist (and mom) Natalie Grant follows the adventures of Mia
and Maddie, 10-year-old twin sisters who travel the globe with their famous singer mom. What mishaps will they get into next? There’s always a great lesson learned in the end.




The Lucy Series—Lucy is a feisty tomboy with a tragic history. She questions everything, especially God. This series by Nancy Rue helps girls work through their big questions as Lucy’s wise housekeeper teaches her about God’s love and perfect plan for her life.




The Good News Shoes—Riley Mae Hart is the spokesgirl for Swiftriver Shoe Company, a job that sends her on some crazy adventures where she learns tough lessons about what it means to be a godly young woman. Written by Jill Osborne, this fun three-book series is sure to please readers who love a good page-turner and a happy ending.


Faithgirlz - Off the Record - Samantha Sanderson



Samantha Sanderson—Meet Samantha, an ordinary girl with extraordinary dreams. In this four-book series by Robin Caroll, Samantha and her friends fight crimes drawn straight from today’s headlines, from bomb threats to bullying, all while navigating the rocky terrain of middle school.



The Sophie Series—Meet Sophie LaCroix, a creative thinker with big dreams to become a famous film director one day. Her wild imagination often lands her in a pickle—but her faith and her friends always come to the rescue. Written by Nancy Rue, each title in this series offers two books in one!




Boarding School Mysteries—If you liked the old Nancy Drew books, you’re going to love Boarding School Mysteries by Kristi Holl. Starring Jeri McKane, a sixth-grader at a private boarding school, each story in this four-book collection offers suspense and intrigue along with valuable lessons of courage and faith as Jeri solves the spooky mysteries surrounding her school.





From Sadie’s Sketchbook—Sadie is a sharp 12-year-old girl whose family just moved halfway across the country to Michigan. In her new home, she learns to make sense of the world around her through drawing. In this four-book series by Naomi Kinsman, readers will explore questions of family, community, and faith.




Girls of Harbor View—Join the adventures of Morgan, Amy, Carlie and Emily—four very different girls who unite through the common bonds of friendship. Written by Melody Carson, each of the four books in this series contains two unique stories filled with exciting plots and life lessons based on faith.




Andi Boggs Series—Join Andi, and her best friend Colin as they unveil mystery after mystery. Written by Amanda Flower, these books feature short chapters filled with suspense and anticipation creating a fun, fast-paced, exciting read.





The Last Martin—Thirteen-year-old Martin Boyle is cursed. His aunt is about to give birth to a baby boy who, according to family tradition, will be named “Martin”—and his cemetery research reveals that when one Martin is born, another dies! Written by Jonathan Friesen, The Last Martin is a fast-paced and quirky story of growing up, discovering your independence, and learning to truly live.




A Plague of Unicorns—In this story from Jane Yolen, Young James, an earl’s son, is sent to be educated at Cranford Abbey. But Cranford Abbey has its own problems—the Abbey is falling apart. Abbot Aelian believes he can save the abbey with his secret weapon: a recipe for golden apple cider passed down through his family for generations. However one obstacle stands in the way, wild unicorns who love golden apples. James, who might have the solution to the problem must earn the trust of the new Abbot.





Chronicles of Narnia—This classic series by C.S. Lewis is still beloved by families today, and the tween years are an ideal age to begin reading. Follow the wisdom, wit and imagination of C.S. Lewis as he invites you into the fictional world of Narnia, a place of good vs. evil, where Christ-like themes are woven into every story.




Anne of Green Gables—This well-loved story of an orphan turned cherished daughter—and all the misadventures in between—is a highlight on every tween girl’s reading list. Be advised that Netflix recently released a new film series adaptation in which Anne’s beloved innocence is twisted by modern interpretations; we highly recommend sticking to the original.




The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate—The year is 1899 and Calpurnia Virginia Tate is 11 years old. In this beautifully written story by Jacqueline Kelly, Calpurnia (“Callie”) joins her grandfather, a naturalist, in exploring the world around her. Together they discover greater meaning behind grasshoppers, family relationships, and the adventure of growing into a young lady at the turn of the century.



Stone Fox—For more than 30 years, young readers have been captivated by John Reynolds Gardiner’s classic story of an legendary dogsled race. Little Willy lives with his grandfather on a Wyoming farm. When his grandfather becomes ill, Willy is determined to win the National Dogsled Race and save the family farm with his prize money. However, he’s not the only one who wants to win—so does a veteran dogsled champion named Stone Fox. Based on a Rocky Mountain legend, this book is filled with action and heartwarming life lessons.




The Penderwicks—A National Book Award winner, this four-book series by Jeanne Birdsall shares the stories of “four sisters, two rabbits, and a very interesting boy” as they explore new adventures filled with treasures, humor, and fascinating companions.





School Story—A favorite title by popular children’s author Andrew Clements, School Story is a tale of two middle school friends, Natalie and Zoe, who devise a brilliant plan to get a novel published—using a pen name and a few sneaky tricks. This is just one of many other clever and entertaining Andrew Clements books written for tweens.




The Green Ember Series—A modern tale that reads like a classic, The Green Ember is a two-book series following the misadventures of Heather and Picket, two extraordinary rabbits who discover the future of the world depends on their courage. This sweeping tale is complete with swords, daring quests, humor and beauty—and just may become a favorite in your family for years to come.