How Could God Use You to Reach His Girls? {The International Day of the Girl}

Today is the International Day of the Girl. 

Whether we realize it or not, girls around the world struggle… they’re desperate for respect, honor, and love.

And whether the world realizes it or not, we who know Christ know that the answers for girls’ needs are found in Him.

Jesus welcomed children into his life. He honored and cherished women. Scripture teaches that male and female are created in God’s image, and that in Christ there is no “Jew or Gentile,” “male or female.”

As the world’s systems twist and distort the value, image, and purpose of girls, what can we do to to honor them? To show them the infinite worth God has given them?

First, we can teach our own daughters the truth. 

We must fill our girls’ hearts with God’s Word. Remind them that the way God sees them is reality; that the world’s viewpoint is skewed and twisted. They will only find themselves and their value in his deep sacrificial love.

They are His creation, beautiful and cherished, designed for noble callings.

Secondly, we can pray.

As we reflect on the abuse, dishonor, degradation, and mistreatment of girls around the world, we must pray for them. Their plight hurts the heart of their Heavenly Father. And while we personally may not be able to bring about all the change they need, our prayers are a powerful weapon against the enemy of their souls.

Pray for girls in your community, in your state, in our country, and across the world who desperately need the hope of our Savior.

Thirdly, we can reach out.

If we belong to the Body of Christ, we have been given a gift, a function in His Body that can be used to reach girls for Him.

Are you a hand? Able to reach out and help someone in your community who needs the impact of a believer?

Are you a foot? Called to step out a little further than others? Ready to go wherever God would call you to reach His girls?

Or do you have a tender, listening ear? Can you spare a few minutes and really hear the young lady in your circle of acquaintances that needs an adult to care?

What can you do to reach the next generation of women? Can you start a Faithgirlz Club? Gift a Bible or other inspiring resource? Invite neighborhood girls to church?

Take a minute today to ask the Lord how you can reach out to His girls. They desperately need His truth, our prayers, and to see His love in action. Will you be a part of reaching these beautiful souls for Him?


by Jennifer Ebenhack