School might be out for the summer, but that doesn’t mean reading needs to take a break. In fact, summer is a great time to catch up on as much reading as possible! Here are ten ways to keep your tween reading this summer.

1. Buy books for her to read. Books make great surprise gifts, plus—bonus—you’ll get to choose all your favorite recommendations!
2. Pack books in her suitcase. If your daughter is headed to camp or on a family vacation, be sure to bring along plenty of reading material. Then plan plenty of down time on those family trips so she will be encouraged to spend quiet hours reading.
3. Create a summer book club with her friends. Meet every other week at a different home or park, and each time discuss a book that all the girls agree to read in advance.
4. Join the library summer reading program. Lots of libraries offer prizes and incentives for summer reading. If yours doesn’t offer such a program, create one yourself!
5. Write a summer book bucket list. Both you and your daughter can come up with a list of 10 books you’d each like to read before summer ends. Encourage one another’s progress.
6. Read the same book! Like a personal parent-daughter book club, choose a book you’ll both enjoy, then each read your own copy separately. When you’ve finished reading, go out for ice cream to discuss the plot and characters.
7. Get her hooked on a great series—like Glimmer Girls, Boarding School Mysteries, or The Sophie Series. As soon as she finishes one, she’ll be eager to pick up the next book in the series!
8. Give her someone to read to—such as a younger sibling or a friend’s younger child. Chapter books are great for reading aloud to brothers and sisters at bedtime.
9. Create incentives—such as a payout of 50 cents for every hour of reading, or the chance to earn a half-hour of screen time for every hour she spends reading, and so on.
10. Assign mandatory reading hour—for the whole family. And stick to it! Choose one hour per day or every other day in which the TV and phones get turned off, and everybody is invited to read the book or magazine of their choice. This goes over much better if you let the kids choose what they want to read—and set the example by getting excited about your own book of choice!

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