Christmas is a great time of year to reach out to neighbors and friends who might not otherwise be interested in spiritual things. The nature of Christmas wonder makes many people open to hearing the gospel or at least to receiving friendly gestures from those who believe. Here are some ways to reach your neighbors with the love of God this holiday season.

Host a get-together- Who says block parties are only for summer? Invite several neighbors over for a Christmas coffee klatch or a white elephant gift exchange. Although it’s a busy time of year, spending a couple hours investing in your neighbors now could pay off with stronger relationships throughout the year.

Give gifts— Package cookies, candies, or handmade ornaments and deliver them to your neighbors’ doorsteps. Consider including an inspirational message along with the treats, such as the M&M Christmas poem or the candy cane gospel.

Lend a hand— Offer to help neighbors shovel snow, hang Christmas lights, wrap gifts or walk the dog.

Provide childcare— Does your tween want some babysitting practice? Invite all the neighborhood kids over for a movie night to give their parents time for last-minute shopping or a quiet dinner out.

Invite them to church— This time of year, many people are open to attending church services, even if they don’t have a church home. Invite them to join you and your family at your church this Christmas Eve, where you can help them feel welcome and introduce them to the real reason for the season—Jesus!